Want to start a small business?

Even before you think about having a SMB IT, you should have a small business. Well how to go about starting a new business?

I found some information here that may be useful. The article talks about JackRabbit a beta site hosted by Intuit for startups and those planning to start a business. Looks like in today’s world when everything is in eternal beta, JacRabbit has come of age. The URL for intuits website is http://jumpup.intuit.com/

Jumpup (previously JackRabbit) is a combination of three things:

  • Tips and Tools – It includes some general advice. Of course, lots of sites give advice. The part where I got excited, though, is the easy way you can find a number of interesting free online tools. There are several online calculators and other free tools offered in conjunction with third parties, such as Palo Alto Software (makers of BusinessPlan Pro). There is also a link to download a free copy of QuickBooks Simple Start, a scaled down version of the famous QuickBooks software. I suppose you can locate many of these tools on your own, but half the battle today with so much information available on the Web is just finding — and remembering — the most useful tools. JackRabbit helps you do that.
  • Bookmarks – The site has “bookmarks” or links of helpful business resources and websites. Bookmarked sites can be any kind of resources you need when starting a business. Anyone can add a bookmarked site or Web page. You can even add tags (equivalent to keywords), to make it easy to search for bookmarked sites by topic. The sites you add are visible to others, and also saved in your own page (”My JackRabbit”) where you can find them readily.
  • Contacts – JackRabbit has a streamlined way you can network with other small business owners who are members of the site, and save them in your “My Contacts” area. This social networking aspect of the site is a key feature that sets the site apart from most content-based websites. Even so-called community sites such as discussion boards rarely make it easy to connect directly with other users of the site. For instance, on most small business sites it is difficult or impossible to save a list of contacts with each person’s name, photo and contact details for future reference.

Checkout Jumpup  some time


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