Welcome to Small Business IT

Small and Medium Business segment has been growing a lot in the recent years. Part of this growth is due to the widespread use of IT. The challenges faced by the IT department at these companies is markedly different from the big enterprise. In this blog I wish to share my experiences as an IT head of a SMB company.


3 Responses to “Welcome to Small Business IT”

  1. Gk... Says:

    KS! Its great to know abt this fast growing market segment.
    Here is something I heard…
    There’s no question that the job of an IT professional in a small firm is a world apart from that of his colleague in a big corporation. But small business IT can be just as rewarding, if not more so, since you’re likely to have more responsibility and the opportunity to handle a wide range of tasks. Then again, the hours may be longer, the pressure a bit more intense, and the opportunity to specialize in one area may be virtually nil.
    Your comments?

  2. sreedharan Says:

    You are absolutely right. Small business IT gives you a overall exposure to IT. Also the challenges here are very different. Emphasis is less on processes and procedures but more on getting things done. Small Business IT enables the business and is a strategic partner to the growth of the business. It is not a cost center. Another challenge is to provide best of breed IT with limited resources. Use of open source tools and home grown scripts play a big part here.

    I intend to provide a glimpse of what it is like to be in Small business IT in this blog

  3. Gk... Says:

    fully agreed…! pls share ur experience… how is it like when there is no process, learning curve is less but at the same time get things done fast… how do u manage time and ur team?

    Caritor has so much of process in place (which I hate) and while in GE we had no prescribed process but cud still get stuffs moving…

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